Friday, November 13, 2009

Amaryllis Holiday Gifts

The Amaryllis is a beautiful, fascinating flowering bulb. It is not winter hardy in places that have extended periods of frost, having originated in tropical regions. Dutch breeders have spent the last two centuries hybridizing these specimens to bring us the flower we know and love. Today's cultivars have stalks ranging from about 12" to 24" with each stalk typically having four to six flowers, and usually a bulb will produce two stalks in a blooming season. With care, these Amaryllis bulbs will bloom every year for many years.

Today we offer 3 Amaryllis Varieties pre-planted in a decorative basket. Each one for $ 17.95. We include a seasonal gift card with each order.

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Amaryllis Red Lion in basket
Oldie but goodie! Still beautiful after all these years!


Star of Holland Amaryllis
Always a Holiday Favorite!

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Amaryllis Lady Jane

Very full Pinkish flowers on sturdy stalks!

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